Polish coffin makers issue the latest erotic calendar

Polish company Lindner, specialising in making coffins, has been known for spicing their business up with some sexual content over the years (a killer combination, one might say). The coffin makers traditionally issue flirtatious calendars that always feature: a) coffins b) half-naked ladies c) picturesque background. The 2014 edition, however, took it up a notch - the final product turned out more titillating than ever before.

“For the fifth issue of our calendar we came back to nature, which we express with perfect harmony between Lindner coffins and natural wood, blue sea, red flowers, green fields and beauty of the female body” — the creators of the calendar say. Yeah, these guys have a way of looking at the world.

The first Lindner calendar was created in 2010. Back then, the coffin makers’ move really shocked the public, though, to be honest, the girls outfits, as minimal as they might have been, were not indecent. The story lines were really something though. Here’s for example, January 2010, as seen by the company.

Annotation to the year 2010 reads: “12 beautiful caskets, 12 fantastic girls dressed up as brides, nymphs, shepherdesses and warriors — that’s the legendary first issue of the calendar.”

Next year, in 2011, the calendars’ authors decided to take a fresh look at the prohibition times in the USA.

2012 turned out to be a topical one as well. It was the year of big football in Poland. Lindner pointed out though, that “the creative artwork on the bodies of our beautiful models, as well as the colourful caskets hint not only to Euro-2012, but also to the 12 countries we export our coffins to.” How do you like the “Russian” November 2012?

Finally, in 2013, the authors turned to surrealism. “This calendar is halfway between a dream and reality. In this fantasy world, our coffins fly towards the sky, and by touching the Universe, they prove there truly is no limit to imagination,” they claim. Some statement! The girls’ image, however, got very straightforward by issue 4 — take a look at this beauty from the May page, for instance.

In any case, it turns out coffin makers can be experts not in only wooden boxes, but in pretty girls as well.



22 November 2013