Policeman in Perm invents an abduction to explain skipped work days

The Investigative Comitee opened a case against a now-former policeman in Perm kray, who told his superiors he’s been abducted while in reality he has been drinking.

“In November of 2013 a staff sergeant from the Kungurskiy police station filed a report saying he’s been ubducted by unidentified persons who tried to blackmail him, which made him unable to come to work”, — the press release published this Thursday says.

However, an investigation revealed that the policeman actually just got drunk and “was not subject to any unlawful acts.”

The officials don’t explain whether the man had any further malicious plans or just didn’t want to go to work.

The ex-cop is now facing up to two years of jail, and he already has lost his job.


24 January 2014


Italian man pretended to be mafia member to get free croissants

In the Italian city of Salerno, 52 year-old Ubaldo Citarella got fresh pastry and drinks by telling the bartender he was a member of the Camorra clan. When a tender demanded payment, the man put a gasoline can next to the doors of the establishment, hinting to a possibility of an arson.

According to The Local newspaper, the bartender soon got tired of his customer’s behavior and contacted the police. The self-pronounced mafioso was detained shortly after.


4 December 2013


Child’s stool stolen from a young mother in Moscow

The robbery took place in northern Moscow, when a young mother got distracted putting her child into her car. As reported by Interfax on Tuesday, a thief swung by the car and snatched a bag from the front seat.

The woman tried to catch the robber, but couldn’t run him down. As she later explained, the bag contained stool samples of her child that she has been carefully collecting for several days, and losing them made her really sad. However, she still decided not to press charges.



26 November 2013


Chubby hedgehog in Scotland is forced to exercise

A hedgehog in Scotland got so heavy she couldn’t curl up in a ball.

The animal had to lose weight: she was given not more than a bowl of worms a day and forced to exercise.

The hedgehog was found malnourished in the vicinity of Edinburgh; after people started caring for her, she got so fat she couldn’t roll into a ball. The obese hog weighed an astonishing 2.3 kg, while the average body mass of an adult hedgehog is 700 to 800 grams, reports.

Edinburgh, as the animal was named, was found last fall, weighing less than 400 grams. The staff of the Wormit Hedgehog Care Centre started caring for her by giving her large portions of mealworms and cat food. By July, Edinburgh was not able to curl up and had to be put on diet.

The menu was changed to limit the excessive food consumption. The hedgehog is now allowed not more than one bowl of mealworms a day and forced to exercise (there is no information about particular exercises or methods of forcing her to do them). As of now, Edinburgh weighs less than 1.5 kg, as she lost almost half of her weight.


5 November 2013


Big round ears get a Himalayan bear cub stuck in a can

In Primorsky Krai, the environmental police saved a two-year old Himalayan bear cub that got stuck in a can of paint.

The locals found the bear, exhausted and with a paint can on his head, by chance; they were also the ones who called the emergency services.

Taking necessary precautions, the professionals gave sleeping medicine to the animal which put him in the state of light sleep. After that, they finally managed to take the can off.

“The little bear wasn't able to get rid of the can himself, there was nothing to push against with his paws. His big round ears didn't help either,” — the rescue workers explained.

According to the rescuers, they examined the cub and didn't find any wounds or bruises. When he woke up, he immediately took off into the woods.



11 October 2013