Ulyanovsk man takes part in pancake eating contest, dies

Blini — Russian pancakes — are the traditional food for Maslenitsa celebrations. It's common to hold topical contests: who can bake the biggest blin or who can eat the most of them. Exactly this kind of seemingly harmless fun turned into tragedy on March 2nd near Ulyanovsk. A man died during a pancake eating contest at a Maslenitsa celebration in the village of Bazarny Uren'.

As the Public Health Ministry of Ulyanovsk explained, "The deceased was 51 years old and used to drink excessively. On March 1st, he celebrated his birthday. On March 2nd, he celebrated Maslenitsa: participated in a sack race, ate 3 or 4 pancakes dipping them into mustard instead of honey. Then he suddenly didn't feel well. When the ambulance came, the man was already dead. The cause of death is acute heart failure."



13 March 2014


Guest at a wedding in Yemen accidently shoots three people while dancing Gangam Style with an AK-47 rifle

A wedding celebration in Yemen ended in a disaster after a man accidently opened fire from his AK-47 rifle while dancing to Gangam Style. Three guests were killed, one wounded. The video of the incident is available on the LiveLeak website.

The footage, shot by one of the guests on a mobile phone, shows wedding-goers dancing to the Psy hit. A man with a rifle in his hands comes to the dance floor doing the characteristic Gangam Style moves. Suddenly, there's gunfire. Three men fall down, puddles of blood form around their hands. Some of the survivors run away in panic, others try to help the wounded.

UK's tabloid The Sun clarifies that the armed man was trying to shoot into the air, but lost the grip on the gun.



22 November 2013