Policeman in Perm invents an abduction to explain skipped work days

The Investigative Comitee opened a case against a now-former policeman in Perm kray, who told his superiors he’s been abducted while in reality he has been drinking.

“In November of 2013 a staff sergeant from the Kungurskiy police station filed a report saying he’s been ubducted by unidentified persons who tried to blackmail him, which made him unable to come to work”, — the press release published this Thursday says.

However, an investigation revealed that the policeman actually just got drunk and “was not subject to any unlawful acts.”

The officials don’t explain whether the man had any further malicious plans or just didn’t want to go to work.

The ex-cop is now facing up to two years of jail, and he already has lost his job.


24 January 2014


Child’s stool stolen from a young mother in Moscow

The robbery took place in northern Moscow, when a young mother got distracted putting her child into her car. As reported by Interfax on Tuesday, a thief swung by the car and snatched a bag from the front seat.

The woman tried to catch the robber, but couldn’t run him down. As she later explained, the bag contained stool samples of her child that she has been carefully collecting for several days, and losing them made her really sad. However, she still decided not to press charges.



26 November 2013