Prime-minister imitates sounds of a jail door opening, horses running at a film studio

Russian Prime-minister Dmitry Medvedev visited the foley studio of "Mosfilm" (the largest and oldest Russian film studio) and imitated pitter-patter of hooves, the sound of a lock on a Butyrka jail door and the sound of waves breaking against a seashore, Interfax reports.

According to the head of Mosfilm Karen Shakhnazarov, the foley studio, where sound effects are created, got the Prime-minister especially excited. Medvedev tried to use cardboard cups to make sounds of hooves, opened and closed a door with numerous locks which was presented to the studio by a pre-trial detention center in Moscow, and then played with a "seesaw" which uses peas to make the sound of sea waves.

The head of the government was then shown how to make the sounds of wind, walking through the Red square, a car accident, and also the sound of a bottle of alcohol (cheap or expensive) opening. Shakhnazarov then explained to Medvedev how sound engineers mix the different sounds into one track in a different studio.

The head of Mosfilm claimed there's just one similar studio in Europe, based in Germany. He explained that other countries use sound libraries, while Russia still has people of a "unique profession" who have absolute pitch and sense of rhythm.



26 March 2014


Child’s stool stolen from a young mother in Moscow

The robbery took place in northern Moscow, when a young mother got distracted putting her child into her car. As reported by Interfax on Tuesday, a thief swung by the car and snatched a bag from the front seat.

The woman tried to catch the robber, but couldn’t run him down. As she later explained, the bag contained stool samples of her child that she has been carefully collecting for several days, and losing them made her really sad. However, she still decided not to press charges.



26 November 2013


Guest at a wedding in Yemen accidently shoots three people while dancing Gangam Style with an AK-47 rifle

A wedding celebration in Yemen ended in a disaster after a man accidently opened fire from his AK-47 rifle while dancing to Gangam Style. Three guests were killed, one wounded. The video of the incident is available on the LiveLeak website.

The footage, shot by one of the guests on a mobile phone, shows wedding-goers dancing to the Psy hit. A man with a rifle in his hands comes to the dance floor doing the characteristic Gangam Style moves. Suddenly, there's gunfire. Three men fall down, puddles of blood form around their hands. Some of the survivors run away in panic, others try to help the wounded.

UK's tabloid The Sun clarifies that the armed man was trying to shoot into the air, but lost the grip on the gun.



22 November 2013