Elderly woman attempts stealing alcohol for her birthday

In Mezhdurechensk, a 71 year-old woman is detained for a planned attempt to steal alcohol from a supermarket. When the administrator of the store noticed the woman, she pretended to suddenly feel ill and then tried to run.

The detainee explained her actions by saying she wanted to collect some alcohol for her birthday after the pension money has been already spent, the local authorities report. As the police found out, the women came to the store when it was crowded and prepared shopping bags with the store logo in advance. She put a box of laundry detergent, two bottles of vodka and 10 towels into the bag. She then went pass the cash registers and left the loot in the storage locker.

The lady then decided to repeat the trick. She took the second bag she prepared out and put two bottles of cognac and some vermouth in it. After going past the cash registers once more and taking the first bag from the locker, she rushed towards the exit. That’s where the administrator stopped her and asked to go back. The woman pretended to feel ill, and when the administrator left to get help, tried to run. The staff had to chase her into the streets. They called the police after catching up with the lady.

The woman is charged with attempted theft.


22 January 2014